Discover the Saint-Tropez of South East Asia!

A few hours from Phnom Penh, between the Kingdom of Cambodia and Vietnam, Kep is your destination of choice to relax.

Any traveler can appreciaite its nature, quietness and cool waters.

Were you looking for the ideal place to trail around and to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and swimming pools? Well, you just found it!

Here is a glimpse of what you can do around.

Kep Beach

Sea and sand lover? You will appreciate the one-kilometer long stretch near the tip of the Kep peninsula. It is backed by the hills of the Kep National Park and with Rabbit Island within close distance.

As you venture into the sea, you will feel some pebbles in the water but that is only for the first few meters. Further, only sand beneath your feet and a relaxing swim ahead.

The road behind the beach is lined with dining platforms, hammocks, seafood and fruit sellers.

What could be better than this?

Kep National Park

The park covers 28 km² of lush forest and hills and offers a 8-kilometer mountain trail.

Wildlife is quite shy and we recommend you to go there early in the morning, so you can enjoy your walk and magnificient sights at the viewpoints the best.

Take your time to wander around and to enjoy the sounds, the smells of nature. Get your camera ready when you meet the amazing looking birds, hasty squirrels and curious monkeys.

All set? Pack one or two water bottles in your bag and follow the yellow-black signs to visit this natural heaven.

Koh Tonsay / Rabbit Island

Koh Tonsay is located off the country’s southern coast in the Gulf of Thailand, 4 kilometers away from Kep.

Embark a ferry boat to visit the island for one or a few days, enjoying its white sand beaches and marine scenery.

With guesthouses there, you can take all the time you need for recreational activities, meeting the fishermen and their families, seeing the coral reefs, animals and plants.

Oh, by the way, the name of the island comes from its shape. So don’t expect a lot of rabbits!

Crab Market

Dozens of restaurants and a fresh seafood market await you.

It is a must-see, or should we say ‘must-taste’ place located right on the ocean. Come and try the famous local seafood. Not only the Kep crab, but also a large variety of shrimps, squid and fish.

No visit to Kep is complete without a meal at the Crab Market, a real paradise for gourmands and food lovers.

Pepper Plantations

Plantations surround Kampot and Kep.  Their pepper is considered the finest and is exported worldwide.

Black, red, white or green, it all works and is an amazing surprise for some, discovering the local cuisine.

Visit a plantation and learn its secrets. Even if you are not so fond of spicy food, we bet you will fall in love with it!

The Secret Lake

Also known as Tomnop Tek Krolar, the historical lake is located 8 kilometers away from Kep.

Established through hard labour under the Khmer Rouge regime, this irrigation dam in between the mountains and the rice paddies, turned to become a nice and calm location to spend hours fishing, tubing and swimming.

Looking for more?

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